Connecting through Cancer: Group therapy for people who have completed cancer treatment

What is group therapy?

  • Group therapy can help create change through hearing from others experiences
  • It can help to build healthier relationships with self and others
  • The focus is to help build confidence within the group to better manage life’s’ difficulties and internal and external experience
  • Focuses on the here and now and draws on the past
  • The group is guided by a qualified psychological therapist

Connecting through Cancer Therapy Group…

Is different from a cancer support group as it is a closed group for up to 8 people, and it is not a drop-in group. The expectation is that people can make a regular weekly commitment for the duration of the group which runs for 30 weeks, with breaks in between.

The group is guided by Dr Sue Smith, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Dimbleby Cancer Care, POST, Guy’s Cancer. It has a focus on helping the group members make sense of:

  • cancer and cancer treatment and its effects on the body, identity and relationships
  • the emotions that come with cancer, like fear, sorrow, frustration, anger
  • living well with uncertainty
  • here and now concerns and issues

Practical information

The Connecting through cancer therapy group is for those:

  • likely to be in remission, and need more than a support group.
  • Who have completed main cancer treatment up to 5 years post main treatment.
  • Have received cancer treatment at Guy’s cancer

When: Wednesday 4-5.30pm, in person, weekly for 30 weeks (date tbc)
Where: Dimbleby Cancer Care, Guy’s Cancer Centre, Great Maze Pond, London SE19RT

How to refer (NB we accept self-referrals)

GSTT Professionals: EPR
Others: [email protected] or leave a message at Dimbleby Cancer Care reception (020 7188 5918) and Sue will get back to you