Housing Applications

Housing Support

We recognise that there is a severe housing shortage in Lewisham and surrounding boroughs. To many of our patients this is a cause of frustration, stress, and in many cases, poor health.

If you need housing support, the Lewisham housing options team can guide you through the process.

  • By Telephone: 020 8314 7007
  • Online:  Get Housing Support
  • In Person by appointment only: Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, SE6 4RU

If your current accommodation is affecting your health or you want to change your housing situation for health reasons YOU DO NOT NEED A DOCTOR’S LETTER.

If the council are unable to process your application and need further medical information, they will request your written consent and write directly to your doctor in confidence to provide the required medical information.

Housing Application Letters

We ask that you do not ask the GP to provide a letter supporting your housing application. Lewisham Council (and neighbouring councils) have specifically instructed us not to provide such letters.

Supporting documents